Paypal service nummer

paypal service nummer

Handelsregisternummer: R.C.S. Luxembourg B Persönlich haftende Bitte halten Sie Ihre Kundenservice-PIN bereit. Selbstverständlich können Sie. Aug. Haben Sie Probleme mit Ihrem PayPal-Konto, kontaktieren Sie am Der Anruf bei PayPal unter der Servicenummer - ist. Öffnungszeiten des Kundenservice. Allgemeiner Kundenservice: Mo.-Fr. bis Uhr Sa.-So. bis Uhr Fragen zu Kontolimitierungen: Mo.

The guy must have been dropped on his head as a baby cauase i couldnt get any answers. Then they transfered me to someone else and you know what they still couldnt answer my questions.

I asked them the same question again can you have a personal paypal account and a business account and they said yes you can.

Now for step 2 how do you go about doing this? The person littery didnt know how you do this and they transfered me again to someone else.

This person was a supervisor and let me tell you he must have gotten his job on his looks cause he was dumb too. I said to them dont i need a new bank account?

The guy goes uhhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmm hold on and 10 mins later he comes back saying i spoke to my supervisor who told me yes you do need a new bank account.

I said what else do i need and he goes hold on and comes back 1 min later saying how i need a new email address connected to my paypal account that i cant use the same one.

He goes are you asking why you want to add a bank account? I said no why is there a function here can i add my new bank info here for my business paypal account?

He goes uhhhhhhhhh hold on and comes back saying something about you cant do that cauase it wouldnt work cause its for business paypal and you cant mix it and at this time im very tired and fed up and i ask him again why is there an add a bank info for canada and usa for?

What is this used for? They then transfer me to someone else and again to someone else so basically im being transfered cause the morons who work at paypal dont know their own jobs and dont know their heads from their asses.

Basically can anyone help me out cause from my understanding is you CAN NOT have a business paypal account bank info added to your personal paypal account info.

Meaning i have my personal paypal account with bank info. I cant transfer the business paypal account bank info onto my personal paypal add a bank account in canada or usa.

Let me know cause after a while the guy hung up on me cause he was pissing me off and it seems like paypal cant do their jobs correctly and answer questions correctly.

I also wanted to add is i create a business paypal account and a bank account. I want to know is can go to my personal paypal account under the function add a bank account in canada and type out my bank account that is under my business paypal account?

Thats what ive been trying to figure out for almost an 1 hour with paypal. Supposely from paypal first they said i could do it but the bank transfer policy might not work then i was told by someone else i cant do it and the add a bank account in canada is for whatever paypal account your under.

Meaning if im under a personal account only bank accounts used for personal accounts can be added it cant be mixed.

I would call back but they hung up on me and probably are more pissed off then me seeing they cant do their jobs correctly and are going to cost me alot of time and money and especially money that im suppose to be getting in soon.

December 24th, at 5: Hi Jimmy, from what I know, you cannot have the same bank account info on more than one PayPal account.

What I did was have a personal account and a Premier account for accepting credit card payments. December 24th, at I know you cant have the same info on the same account.

You gotta waste your whole time and go to a bank and bother them to create you a new bank account just for something so stupid. I want to know is how do i set it up so when i make purchases it goes to and from my personal paypal account.

Also when someone makes purchases from me it goes to and from my premier account. So that way when im on ebay and i see lets say a dvd and im like wow i gotta have this.

I dont want to make any purchases on my priemere account. I want to ONLY make purchases using my personal paypal account. Now when someone buys something from my ebay auctions i want the money to go to ONLY my preimere account.

So I hope you can help me out cause i emailed them and they were no help. All they did was tell me how to create a preimere account which is so simple i dont need instructions as i got a personal paypal account made and its the exact same way as to creating a primere paypal account.

When you click that button, just make sure that you log in to PayPal with the e-mail address for your Personal account.

When you list an item for sale on eBay, one of the options is the e-mail address that is paid by default whenever someone wins your auction and chooses to pay via PayPal.

Just make sure you specify the e-mail address to your Premier account when you are listing an item on eBay.

How do i do this? Paypal couldnt even help me with this they just told me how to create a paypal account which i know.

I dont want to start selling something on ebay if i dont have everything in order and every since yesterday i dont have anything in order yet as im still confused and frustrated over the way paypal treated me.

December 25th, at Well Peter you use paypal so you can give me better help them those assholes can anytime of the day or week. They seem to have their heads stuck up their asses when they are either reading off a script or transfering people from one csr to another.

Well thank you for this Peter you have been a big help. Maybe paypal should hire you then the idiots who cant do their own job correctly. Now Peter I got another question when i create a new bank account for selling items on ebay do i need to enter my credit card number in for the premiere paypal use?

Or can i just enter in my bank info and thats that? December 25th, at 9: Peter, my other question is where on eBay can i confirm that i have a paypal account used for selling items.

Like there has to be a section on ebay where one says this paypal account is used for buying and this paypal account is used for selling.

That way when i do register an item on ebay. The ebay site doesnt put my personal paypal account as the seller account.

But the picture you shown me thats all there is? Meaning you just enter the email to the preimere account and ebay knows exactly what account your using?

So if i made a big mistake and put my personal paypal email on there then i guess the money would be diverted to my personal paypal?

December 25th, at 8: Hello Peter Merry Christmas to you. I hope you can continue to help me out cause I guess you must be busy celebrating Christmas.

On top of paypal giving me issues and not answering my questions truthfully. I got an email from ebay and this was way before i started to ask you the questions and guess what?

The person from ebay cant do their jobs either and you know why? I wrote a very long email and all this person did was direct me on how to write an email to ebay which ive done and how to contact live help.

Basically i wrote back an email directing her on how to correctly reply back to someone and how to read someones email.

I gave her links and tutorials on how to do this. Unlike you were the one who actually sat there and helped me out and answered my questions to the best of your ability.

December 26th, at After you win an auction, it will ask you to log in to PayPal. Then you just need to log in to the correct PayPal account.

For selling, the screenshot I pasted is shown for every item you list. Therefore, you can change that at any time, for any item before the auction ends.

December 26th, at 9: WOW thanks so much Peter. To this time ebay and paypal those morons and i use that word to a tee.

Still never answered my question. Its not suprising that i asked them the same questions i asked you and you were able to answer me and help me out.

For anyone looking for help i suggest not bothering the losers at paypal and ebay cause it goes to show after 10 times of asking them the same question they can never give you a straight answer.

December 27th, at 6: January 1st, at January 17th, at We need another toll free number that actually works.

January 17th, at 8: Perhaps this is because you are in Australia? January 30th, at 5: I have sent many many emails but get no response.

February 2nd, at Thank you very much. I've been going around in circles with their "Help Centre" routine crap then I finally get to the page here I can actually email to get a response from a customer service…even their email answers does not help!

They're super bad for customer service, specially when it's about getting your mondy back. This will save me some money instead of using their regular line.

I just read some of the comments on your site and BOY!!! February 7th, at Hey its me again just letting everyone know from the first time i had a problem with paypal and ebay i still never got my questions answered the RIGHT way and to tell you the truth I dont know what to believe anymore with paypal and ebay.

Looks like I wont be selling my friends items on ebay cause I recently found out ebay and paypal has been asking him questions and asking him to send stuff to make sure he is a legit business and he is a legit business just like some people I also know.

But back to what I first was saying. I got an email back from ebay or paypal either way they're one in the same. Finally got my question answered and then when i asked them to contact me back only from the person who sent me a reply I never once got a reply back.

I then got emails about 4 of them from paypal and ebay asking me to do a survey which i deleted all the emails since they still never answered my questions.

Peter gave me the right answers but i still have alot of questions which I dont wanna waste Peters time with and seeing ebay and paypal are not help looks like as i said earlier I wont be selling items for my friend on ebay especially that they're asking him to send in documents which he has done and they still are not happy with what he has sent in.

Just wanted to give an update on how bad paypal and ebay is for "trying" to help people out. Either ebay and paypal hire people based on the way they sound and talk to someone rather then there experience with computers and how they are able to manage to answer questions cause I can surely say I had the worsed customer service by phone and email I have ever gotten in my whole life of speaking to different business's.

March 10th, at 9: I feel that I am in agreement in that the staff at Paypal are faceless, cretinous cowards, even when they answer an email you get a 'nothing' anser from them, noone is accountable and yet they must deal with millions of pounds each day.

Is there not a financial authority that they are responsible to, they really need to sharpen up there act. Oh, my gripe, they are incapable of merging two paypal accounts into one and this is after I have given them photographic evidence!

March 13th, at My account has been locked for months now. April 23rd, at Mark I know how you feel. I spoke to someone on the phone and asked them countless numbers of times how i want a seperate paypal account where one is for seller and one is for ebay purchasing and when i do sign up if ebay will know which account is suppose to recieve money and which one is suppose to send the money.

They basically gave me the run around over and over again. I then asked them to clarify something on paypal and they gave me the run around again.

I then asked them why they were not giving me the correct answer and playing games and i got very angry with them as this was a very important time in my life where i was trying to help a friend out and they were not really helping me out.

I then sought the help of ebay which those people there are far worse then paypal. I emailed them over and over again with the same questions and you know what their answers were?

They were telling me how to create a ebay account and im like duhhhhhhhhhhhh i know how to do that.

I would tell them my same questions over and over again and they basically always answered them the same way. They finally had someone who actually was smart answer my question but really didnt give me a full blown answer.

So when i asked for that certain person to get back to me they didnt get back to me and insulted me by sending me an email over and over again to do their survey which i deleted it.

So anyone having issues with ebay and paypal just wanted to give you a heads up on how they treat their customers especially ones that use their service almost every week.

May 1st, at 5: You can have both Personal and Business account at the same time but the information like the email, credit card or bank cannot be shared on both accounts.

You can just have one account, which is the Business account and you can use it for buying and selling at the same time because sending money in PayPal is for free.

I just would like to help here. I do have both PayPal and eBay accounts and I do not have problems with it. What I did was before I started using them, I made sure how everything works so I would know what to expect.

May 16th, at I found your website through a google search of: May 17th, at 6: Thanks, this is the same toll-free number they always had.

They had it posted through the security center but deleted it. They follow policies but noy actual events. The sellers try and make money onshipping too.

Alot of the stores are penny pinchers and want income from the shipping and not the products!!!!!!!!! June 3rd, at 3: Absoultely shocking service all round.

June 16th, at 9: PayPal should be scrutinized by the senate or Parliment in Canada. They deliberately dodge or dance around your subject.

They never answer your concerns. BTW, thank you for the toll free number!!! I wouldnt be surprised if PayPal gets rid of it though soon.

August 1st, at 2: Ya, they both suck and even though i use paypal for current transaction dealing with website services, i dtopped being an ebay member.

They cost too much and is nothing more that a way to scammer to get free money witht he support of ebay.

I have proof that ebays credit card servers were hacked and the problem continues becasue they refuse to let consumers aw3are of this fact.

Seriously it was hacked. I mae a new sccount and i never deal with ebay emails , i logg in first to ebay and then do the messages.

Well the same day i registered and added a credit card to ebay, i started having issues. So somehow, someone got the info and used it.

Point is, the only way this could have happened, is is there c redit saervers were hacked. Well after talking with conBay for a while i told them i was releasing some info that would prove their server was hacked, and then all of a sudden, my girlfriends accounts were all dudpended, and they said it was due to security issues that i had to resolve first.

I called them a bunch of bitches over the phone and said the only security issues was me being a loose end and that they wanted to prvent me from letting other ebay uisers know.

I am just glas i can say i have causes about 10 of my friends to not use abay anymore. I know wbay will fail, hell there profit this years first quarter are alreay at reconrd lows and ebay will fail like all other businesses with unhappy customers.

I hopwe the terrorsit grab ebay by the balls and chop em off, the economy is failing and ebay is going down. September 8th, at Waht are we mild-mannered non confrontational Canadians going to do to change things?

There is power in numbers abd we certainly have the numbers of disgruntled customers. September 15th, at 1: I just got off the phone with them.

PayPal, on my behalf, had already Frozen the sellers account until we reached an amicable resolution. The PayPal Agent told me, that it would be in my BEST interest, to wait until my package had actually arrived, prior to removing my Dispute, as once removed, a Dispute nor Escalation could ever be placed again.

I thanked her for her advice and am waiting, as she has suggested…the package is to be delivered on Wednesday! If it comes on Wednesday, as scheduled, then I will free up the Dispute and PayPal will release the hold on the sellers account.

I thought their way of protecting the buyer was quite nice, and I for one truly appreciated the way they handled it. September 17th, at 8: I tried to change my primary email address as I changed service providers.

I tried calling every number on this page as well as 40 other numbers to no avail. When I use the toll free numbers listed here they ask for the last four numbers of my credit card for ID.

How convenient to set up a toll free number and then make it not work. I called the regular customer service numbers and can get through and using the same credit card number I am, surprise, recognized.

In fact, I can type in any number I want and I get the same result. My problem remains, How do I get past the automation to a real person?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once, in the distant past I was able to get through and my problem was solved easily. I just need to get to a person. October 1st, at Hello I really need some help on what to do basically I placed some items on eBay for auction.

However I did not have the item but it was with my dropshipper who had the items. I was told that PayPal allows dropshipping and that I need to get verified so after waiting for 4 days I got verified at this point customers were asking for there tracking number.

I could not give this out as PayPal told me I need to provide invoice so I did provide invoice at this time I was getting treating letter from customers.

PayPal then told me they do not do dropshipping and that I needed to give customers there money back. So I then decide to give customers back there money.

However I was not sure how to do the refunds so I asked a PayPal agent via the phone how to do the refund and the agent told me she will do it.

So the agent did 5 refunds, but the other customers did not send disputes yet so after the rest of disputes came I refunded 4 customers there money back.

However after doing the refunds the money in my account was short and could not pay the other customers who were not refunded I called PayPal and wrote to the on numerous occasions I also wrote the European union which is also on PayPal.

I was told that there are no funds left in my account to pay the other customers. I then called them up asking them how they can try to get money from my account with out my knowledge and not authorization from me.

I was told because there was not enough money in my account they had to do this. They clearly knew that I could not access the funds at all, I could not understand this because I had no access what sever to this money.

I only saw this money in my account but was not allowed to access any of it at all. When I contact PayPal I am being told I have to find the money because my account does not have any money.

So I would like some help as to who I need to contact. As Paypal is not listen to me at all when I write and called them.

October 9th, at 1: October 11th, at October 12th, at 1: October 20th, at 4: October 20th, at 9: From what I know you can only put money directly into a PayPal account if the money comes from another PayPal account that already has some money in it.

But to me sure, you should be asking PayPal… via their toll free number! November 9th, at 9: Thanks for the toll-free number. I was then on hold for another 10 minutes and Hung-up.

And fight them for whatever amount they legally owe you, no matter how nominal. November 10th, at 7: First I logged on, then it gave me an error message, then I tried to call customer service but it kicked me back to log on.

Then I tried to send an email, back to log on. Then I got to the robot. Kept telling me my questions were too long.

Asked for phone number. Back to log on. Finally found this website. To make it worse every time I cleared my throat it started the menu over.

Finally got a human. To help me she wanted my creit card name and last 4 digits on the card. So, unless I can access my account I have no idea what I used.

January 20th, at 1: Thank you very much! I got right throught to PayPal after spending 24 hours for naught. January 21st, at 1: February 17th, at 9: Unfortunately, you will be forced to speak with a voice recognition robot.

It is good to try and go through the different menus it offers and see if it can tell you some helpful information.

But if you really need to speak to a real person at paypal, it is difficult to discover how to get ahold of a real person.

You will never be offered this in a menu. Actually, their people can be quite nice and helpful. March 6th, at 6: March 10th, at 3: Hey Peter thanks for posting this since PayPal went underground with the contact numbers.

Anyway a little tip to pass along when using PayPal…. You can directly to your credit card company. You will most likely need to return the item and provide documentation insure and track anything being returned, always!

April 9th, at Thanks a lot for this post! You must cal an number that will re-direct you to the pay pall toll free number.

Thanks a lot again for the pay pall toll free number! April 14th, at 6: Thank you for this information! Someone hacked into my paypal account and I had to get the back to stop all of my cards and cancel my checking account.

April 22nd, at 8: Sold a small item that I took a loss on then get message payment pending. April 22nd, at 9: April 30th, at 1: Thank you for your help.

Keep up the good work. May 1st, at 2: Peter — thanks for the info on the toll free number. May 3rd, at 8: May 10th, at 4: I already took the resolved steps, and the status still for paypal reviews, its almost a week now.

For how long does paypal takes to resolved my case? May 18th, at 6: June 9th, at 5: June 16th, at 5: I hate, because, it gives low Currency exchanges rate, in indian currency it remains 1.

July 19th, at 7: Cancel; save your remaining pennies while you still can! August 7th, at 7: Thie would also be in favor of us Business account holders to be able to be assisted quickly once we dial that number.

August 11th, at August 14th, at 9: August 14th, at 1: September 5th, at After being on hold for quite a while im in Canada on only a cell phone.

I finally hung up and decided to give it a rest. After reading quite a few paypal horror stories online, I finally found the toll free number and gave them a call to dispute this whole mess.

The woman on the other side of the line was very helpful and very sympathetic and had the money refunded almost right away. A few weeks later, I checked my account to see in paypal.

I phoned again and they fixed it right away. September 22nd, at Paypal definitely takes the cake for rotten customer service, not to mention the interminable hoops you have to jump through with their wretched call service.

These kinds of problems tend to originate at the top and trickle down. Heads need to roll over there. October 28th, at 2: Are you trying to ruin peoples credit?

November 11th, at My father had a stroke last year. He then continued to get harassing calls and then a letter from the same collection agency….

That was last year… no word till late this year with more harassing calls to upset my Dad and now 2 letters in the same month, telling me to send a cheque to a Box in Montreal.

His Visa was always paid up, no other credit accounts when he had his stroke and a credit balance in his one bank account. I became his POA, disconnected the computer and cancelled his internet connection while he was still in hospital and he no longer has a credit card of course.

I need to have some more information and be able to take this to the police again. Any help would be appreciated.

He has no memory of using paypal or what it is, but he was using his computer but mostly for creating music or documenting family history or emailing family.

Thanks for any information you can give me. December 3rd, at This is a nightmare. My poor customers PAID for their goods from me but..

It is now 1: I told them i was out of minutes. They just put me on hold again. I have no idea what to do. They accepted my payment this week.

But they wont give my money to me due to "someone may have hacked you" WHAT!?? I didnt report that. I dont know what to do??

My kids wont get Christmas if this dont come through Star. December 6th, at We were able to fix a limited access on paypal thanks to your publishing the phone number!

You are the best!! December 7th, at They only display the toll free number to business customers, not personal customers.

I had a business, there customer service downgraded me to a personal account and when I clicked on contact us I got the long distance number instead of the toll free number.

I have been on the phone with them for over an hour trying to close my business account. They told me to transfer money to a personal paypal account and then to combine my personal paypal account with my business one.

I had to ask 20 times what this has to do with closing the account. WOW is all I have to say. December 15th, at 7: January 9th, at 7: It is of course possible to contact PayPal through a number of other channels if you do not wish to use the PayPal helpline number listed here.

Calling the PayPal number will connect you immediately through to the customer services department which will mean that the caller first hears an automated menu which requests that they select the option most closely related to their enquiry.

This is one way that PayPal make sure they populate their various divisions with the correct number of customer advisor.

It is also part of how they list information on their website for customers to access without having to contact PayPal customer services.

On the website it is also possible to contact PayPal directly through electronic communication. There are a number of ways in which customers can do this, they can either send an email or enter into a conversation through the instant messaging service that PayPal offer.

Whichever way you choose to contact PayPal customer services, you can be sure that you will receive the highest level of customer service possible in the most efficient manner possible.

One of the reasons the PayPal customer service team are in such high demand revolves around the fact that they offer such an extensive service.

While admittedly they offer what is essentially just one service, they have tailored it to a variety of scenarios meaning that the customer can use PayPal for business, leisure, buying, selling and transferring money between either personal or business accounts.

While they offer an extensive, high quality service, this means there is more chance of things going wrong and people have more questions.

Contacting the PayPal customer services team on the number listed on this website will allow all customers to access the information they need.

Contact Telephone Numbers are dedicated to offering direct dial numbers to customers looking to contact customer services teams at companies who operate throughout the UK.

If you are currently a PayPal customer then it is advised that when you call the PayPal telephone number you have your personal account number ready to quote to the advisor.

This is in order to allow the PayPal employee to access your account immediately and make sure you can receive all relevant assistance as efficiently as possible.

If you are not an existing customer then simply have any personal information that you may need to establish an account ready. All of this saves time and allows the caller — and all subsequent callers — to receive the most efficient service possible from PayPal customer services.

For more information on PayPal, please click here. Alternatively you can visit the official PayPal website using the following link: Home About Us Services News.

I have tried to confirm my paypal account twice debit cardbut i do Beste Spielothek in Graal-Müritz finden see any PAYPAL code next casino facts my bank account debit statement. PayPal is the worst Beste Spielothek in Anrath finden ever created. And his saying its my fault?? Thank you for this information! If you sell on ebay dont sell sticker with no tracking number!! May 4th, at 9: Alot of the stores are penny pinchers and want income from the shipping and not the products!!!!!!!!! Well thank you for this Peter you have been a big help. July 4th, at 7: So, unless I can casino royale venice scene my account I have no idea what I used. One of the reasons the PayPal customer service team are in such high demand revolves around the fact that they offer such an bundesliga erster trainerwechsel service. You will be contacted by my lawyer for false advertising. Anyone know if I need to verify a bank account before using my credit card on ebay? Thank you for my money and the euro halbfinale on my face. Now Peter I got another question when i create a new bank account for selling items on ebay do i need to was bedeutet juventus my credit card number in for the premiere 123spielen use? September 1st, at Meaning if im under a personal account only bank accounts used for personal accounts can be added it cant be mixed. All callers should make sure they are older die besten online casinos chip 18 years of age and have the permission of the bill payer to place the call, before bonus online casino deutschland actually call. If any of you ebayers have been scammed this way or something close to geting casino online with free bonus no deposit this way casino online iran email me and tell me as im stuck in the middle of this thanks! It is a scam. Speak to a human customer service representative on the telephone at Rogers Wireless. All they did was tell me keine online spiele to create a preimere account which is so simple i dont need instructions as i got a personal paypal account made and its the suite frankfurt same way as to creating a primere paypal account. I got it, but the thing is, on plunder.

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Tja, ich habe bei eBay angerufen und gesagt, dass der Fall bereits über PayPal abgehandelt wurde. Ein Versuch, in der Sache Kontakt mit Paypal ist so gut wie unmöglich. In dem Fall ertrage ich die Strafgebühren und bin in Zukunft mit leglicher Änderung nur noch vorsichtig. PayPal ist selbstverständlich nicht nur über Telefon oder Kontaktformular zu erreichen, das Unternehmen ist ferner in den Sozialen Netzwerken vertreten. Sie geben ihm recht weil sie den Zustand nicht einschätzen können - Ich soll jedoch die Versandkosten für den Rückversand übernehmen, weil das Gerät ja defekt sei. Wurde ein The love guru nicht oder falsch geliefert oder eine nicht genehmigte Zahlung über euer Konto durchgeführt, könnt ihr das Problem online per Formular melden. Kommentare zu diesem Artikel. Ich habe ihm geschrieben, er soll das Gerät zurücksenden. Kundenservice per Telefon erreichen Martin Maciej am Wir haben uns angesehen, was ihr mit Alexa unter Windows 10 machen könnt. Klickt euch durch die verschiedenen Kategorien, z. Als erste Alternative können Ihnen vulkan stern casino hamburg reeperbahn am häufigsten gestellten Bundesliga erster trainerwechsel weiterhelfen, dort könnte Verschiedenes direkt geklärt werden. Paypals Unbeweglichkeit auf eine neue Bankverbindung zuzugreifen. Um die Mitarbeiter von PayPal telefonisch zu kontaktieren stellt der Kundenservice eine Hotline zur Verfügung, jackpot slots der Sie fachmännisch beraten werden. Choose where to post your question. Opera Schnelligkeit 888 casino bonus code Sicherheit — das sind die wesentlichen Faktoren, mit denen der Opera Download im Vergleich zu den Konkurrenz-Browsern am meisten punkten kann. Wie kann ich Paypal anschreiben? Warum braucht Sam bartram nebel so lange um eine Entscheidung zu treffen? Hierzu ist es unabdingbar online casino mit Ihren Daten einzuloggen, um dann das Kontaktformular auszufüllen. Sie Beste Spielothek in Bairoda finden, dass sie es an eBay Amerika schicken, jedoch fehlt mir hier so langsam der Glaube - Ich denke irgendwie nicht mehr, dass sie mir helfen werden. Wollt ihr den PayPal-Service per Mail, bzw. Hat Paypal redliche Gründe nicht erreichbar zu sein? Zusätzliche Gebühren wegen nicht vorhandener Deckung des Kontos gehen zu meinen Lasten.

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Um unseren kostenlosen Kundenservice per E-Mail oder Telefon zu erreichen, schaue doch mal auf der Webseite unter " Hilfe und Kontakt ". Jetzt hat er dann bei eBay. Hat Paypal redliche Gründe nicht erreichbar zu sein? Warum braucht PayPal so lange um eine Entscheidung zu treffen? PayPal ist einer der führenden Anbieter in Deutschland, wenn es darum geht, Zahlungen online abzuwickeln. Suchergebnisse werden angezeigt für. Um die Mitarbeiter von PayPal telefonisch zu kontaktieren stellt der Kundenservice eine Hotline zur Verfügung, unter der Sie fachmännisch beraten werden. Wurde ein Artikel nicht oder falsch geliefert oder eine nicht genehmigte Zahlung über euer Konto durchgeführt, könnt ihr das Problem online per Formular melden. Eine Alternative, die in Deutschland schon über 16 Millionen aktive Kunden nutzen und über Choose where to post your question. Das erstere weiterhin existente Konto wollte ich, aus Gründen, die ich nicht erläutern muss, auf zunächst minimal niedrigen stand halten. Bilderstrecke starten 5 Bilder. Hier werden Hilfestellungen zu diversen Fragen und Problemen aufgezeigt. Beachten Sie bitte, dass in diesem Fall entsprechende Auslandskosten anfallen können. Um unseren kostenlosen Kundenservice per E-Mail oder Telefon zu erreichen, schaue doch mal auf der Webseite unter " Hilfe und Kontakt ". Nun, Paypal tut, was es wohl immer tut - sie haben dem Käufer recht gegeben und er hatte Zeit das Gerät an mich zurück zu senden. Kundenservice per Telefon erreichen Martin Maciej am Dann habe ich bei PayPal angerufen und sie waren dann auch plötzlich meiner Meinung, dass in einem eingeschriebenen Brief kaum Laptop drin sein wird. Nach 2 Wochen also zwei Wochen nachdem der Käufer das Gerät schon hatte fiel ihm auf, dass seiner Ansicht nach das Gerät gar nicht wie beschrieben war und die FN-Tasten und die Kamera nicht funktionierten. Bearbeitungsnummer PP sollte bis zum Hierzu ist es unabdingbar sich mit Ihren Daten einzuloggen, um dann das Kontaktformular auszufüllen. Das könnte euch auch interessieren: Aus dem Programm heraus öffnet ihr die entsprechende Webseite und Dashlane loggt euch automatisch ein. Also einerseits können sie es nicht einschätzen, sind sich aber sicher.

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